Manufacturer of Welded Wire Fence, Fence Panels and Gabions

STAD Ltd is a leading manufacturer of fencing panels, electrically welded mesh, electrically welded gabions, posts and all the accessories for their assembly.
Fencing panels are a fencing system with an elegant outlook and exceptional stability. They are suitable for fencing private property and farms, sports areas, parking lots, production facilities, warehouses, holiday villages, closed residential zones and many others.

The electrically welded mesh, as well as all the accessories for its assembly produced by STAD has advantages of its price/quality ratio and its easy and simple assembly. It is used in agriculture and in construction; fencing private property; caging birds and small animals; parking lots, production facilities, warehouses, living areas and many other uses.

The system of electrically welded gabions manufactured by the company is increasingly used in construction of fences, retaining walls, architectural objects in urban areas; to reinforce slopes and landslides; to reinforce shores, dykes, rivers and canals; in road construction, as well as many other uses. Working with gabions is very easy and practical, since they are filled with natural material. This makes their assembly very simple, regardless of their usage. Gabions are very flexible, durable, strong, water permeable, economical and they easily fit into the environment.

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