Enhance your living space outside

The shading and solar protection requirements are high, necessitating the use of products that meet very specific and stringent standards. Fine Shading UK Ltd’s external or internal shading systems, Bara, Cassette, Rido, and Lydia, are specially designed and perfectly adapted to a wide range of requirements. Awnings and pergolas, for example, provide complete protection from the effects of overexposure to sunlight, heavy rain, and wind while also helping to protect the environment and reduce a building’s heating and cooling costs.

Especially today, the bioclimatic architectural design of buildings necessitates passive technologies such as bioclimatic shading systems, which reduce the impact of the external environment in the building. More specifically, by adequately controlling the natural light from the outside environment, they ensure spectacular savings in the energy required for cooling or heating while also creating a pleasant and cosy atmosphere inside.