Fully bespoke design solutions, with the objective of achieving hassle-free fine living...

We are glad to present BULGARO LTD as our first UK partner. Bulgaro Home is a high-end interiors company offering design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of furniture and fittings to its demanding clients. They offer fully bespoke interior design solutions, with the objective of achieving hassle-free luxury living

Company’s highly experienced team aims to create the best possible solutions, mixing superlative functionality, with top-spec materials for the ultimate statement in fashion and style. Bulgaro is partner with some of the best companies that supply a range of the highest quality household appliances and fittings as Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele, Sonos, Glass Design, Rako and KC electrical & lightening specialist. 

The company has significant advantages among which creating exceptional living spaces is what they do best. Bulgaro strive to make all its designs luxurious, bespoke and unique. Attention to detail and the use of colour and texture make for a relaxed, comfortable family environment. Precise planning and close consultation with their clients are key elements of the design process, and they pride themselves on their friendly and no-nonsense approach.

Bulgaro has been producing luxury modern interiors since 2005 and is known for its vast range and quality of materials. As one of the finest UK furniture design and manufacturing companies, Bulgaro is committed to research and development, staying ahead of trends and bringing new finishes and concepts to the portfolio each year. Bulgaro’s approach offers highly personal choices and greater creativity in the design process.