Perfect for any outdoor space and any environment

Today, compliance with bioclimatic architecture principles is more important than ever due to rising energy consumption and carbon footprint, climate change, and a slew of other environmental issues. Fine shading UK Ltd’s bioclimatic pergolas Floper and Skyline, provide the most innovative and effective solution for shading and sun protection. They offer significant energy savings while being fully compliant with bioclimatic architecture requirements and any architectural design, resulting in the ideal aesthetic and functional result.

A bioclimatic pergola is intended to provide maximum comfort to a building’s exterior in terms of temperature, lighting, and ventilation, through the physical configuration of air and sun permitted by the construction. Furthermore, the pergola’s structure provides protection from heavy rain and strong wind, resulting in a fully weatherproof outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year long regardless of season or weather.

Fine Shading UK Ltd’s bioclimatic pergolas are the most recent innovative products of bioclimatic building facade shading. They are always made with respect for people and the environment from 99 % recyclable materials and have a long life.